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According to Asiakastieto, ImproveIt Oy is one of the few financially strong companies in its industry, as less than one in five companies in the software design and manufacturing industry has a strong credit rating of AAA or AA + entitling them to the Strongest in Finland certificate. Finland's Strongest certificate is a sign of the company's...

Last autumn, I wrote an article on how the words we use play a significant role in defining IT systems. Ambiguous sentences, slang and abbreviations, excessive storytelling, and the language barrier often cause comprehension difficulties. Texts need to be revised and edited a lot to make them clear and understandable to different stakeholders.

Traditionally, testing has been the last step in the development of the system before completion. In principle, therefore, it could not have been very agile because comprehensive testing requires a functional version of the entire system.

Defining requirements is basically a simple task. Listen to what the customer wants and write the requirements in a suitable format so that the developers can implement them. However, the task involves many challenges and potential pitfalls.